A New World Of Hope Is Coming!

In the recent past, more and more people are waking up to the injustice that is happening to animals on a global scale. Most people love animals and every day a small portion of these people decide to align their actions with their morals and go vegan. Animals are innocent and deserve our protection. Be part of the movement that is changing the world.

Humans Eat
Creatures By Habit

I was asked to do the key visual for the awesome lecture of Armin Rohm, about how our society proclaims to be animal lovers is also the same society that pays for a system that slaughters 56 billion land animals and up to 2.7 trillion marine animals every single year. It is a film on the psychology of human change.


Last year, Horrifying footage by Soko Tierschutz shed light on the horrendous acts of animal abuse, carried out at the LPT in Mienenbüttel, Germany. Over 13.000 people went on the streets to call for animal rights – the biggest demonstration in favor of animals in German history. I designed two demonstration banners for the Hamburger Tierschutzverein, that also took part in the demonstration.

Photos: André Peters

OBI fulfils wishes

For the last four years at Christmas time, OBI has been setting up a fir tree in the salesroom, decorated with the Christmas wishes of various HTV-protégés. Again there were many great surprises that the animals can look forward to.


Compassion and respect for all living beings and sharing the vegan way of life is the mission of the two awesome girls from „Beautiful Commitment“. So when they asked me to support them
to create a fitting logo, I was glad to help them. Make sure to check out their amazing podcast and follow them on social media.

With a great deal of calm and dedication, we received a smart branding advice from Maxie, which goes beyond a classic logo design. We are infinitely grateful to her for the diplomatic tenacity and her holistic approach to our vision. She has managed to perfectly underline the character of our start-up.
Caro & Stephie