It is said that no one can save all the animals in the world. 
But we can save the whole world of one animal.


Time and again we hear about the criminal machinations of illegal puppy traders. Nevertheless, the dirty business with animal puppies is booming, primarily via online portals.

I illustrated Puppy Lilly, the main character in this film project.
In 21 Illustrations she reports about the undignified and catastrophic keeping conditions of the animals. Lilly stands for countless real dog children, whose fate lies in your hands – Adopt don’t shop!

Client: Animal Care e.V.
Role: Illustration

Advent calendar

What a sweet project … my brief was to create a Christmas illustration of a dog and a cat. It should show animals that have lived on the street why they may have little blemishes resulting from a hard time being without a loving home for a long time.

This calendar is something special! Not only do you have the chance to win great prizes and learn amazing facts about animals, but you’re also doing something good – all the proceeds go to animal welfare work and help animals in need. Plus, you’ll get a matching Christmas postcard.

Role: Illustration

Christmas gifts

Especially at Christmas time,  animals can be found on wish lists and are imprudently placed under the Christmas tree for our loved ones. But it often leads to a rude awakening after the holidays. The „living gifts“ quickly become a burden, and thousands of animals are brought to the already overcrowded animal shelters. In the worst case, they are even simply abandoned.

Role: Illustration, Animation and Video Editing

What the Client Says

Our vision: To make animal welfare topics understandable and tangible for everyone. Our claim:
To realize this in a highly professional and qualitative way. Our realization: Only possible with Maxie!
In Maxie, we have found a wonderful artist, who not only implements our ideas flawlessly and magnificently but also inspires our work and enriches it as a human being. We are looking forward to many more projects and are proud to work with Maxie.
Sina Hanke
Founding Member & First Chairwoman of Animal Care e.V.