The start of a family-business

When people who share a passion get together, they manage to create magnificent things. A prime example is the married couple behind Augenoptik Stammermann. I was really excited to add my own fingerprint to their vision since the company logo sets a lot of rails for the corporate identity and impacts a lot of design choices in the future of a company. I was really amazed by the finished shop and how the logo and its style elements were implemented.


Client: Augenoptik Stammermann 
Role: Logo-Design
Interior Photography: Schmees-Ladenbau GmbH

Since the ophthalmic optics is strongly connected to the world of fashion, we needed a logo which reflects that. The mixture of vintage elements and modern style immediately convinced us. The logo was the very first step for our business. Afterwards we knew exactly how our shop should look like.
Hans Bernd Stammermann
Founder and Owner

Color Palette


Alternate Logos