I am a vegan &
animal rights activist

Being vegan is the least that a person can do and the minimum standard of decency.  So I’ve joined the animal rights organisation „Animal Equality“ in June 2017, to put an end to animal abuse.

i have two adorable cats, called Jinx
and Alice

Like every cat they are not always adorable. Especially Alice knows
exactly how to drive me insane, that shows how well she knows me
and that makes me love her even more.

If I wouldn’t be
a Designer,
I would be a

I just couldn’t find a course of study
to pursue my princess-career.

I dyed my hair black because of The movie "Pocahontas"

I saw the movie when I was five years old and  instantly fell  in love with the protagonist. Since then I always wanted her beautiful, long, black hair – Now I have it!

I prefer broccoli
over chocolate

There is not much more to say
about this, it is what it is.

i have an intense
flirtation with
dinosaurs going on

Do I really need to explain this?
They are f-in dinosaurs–just look at them.

My godchild

is a sheep

After I met Valentina in the sanctuary „Land der Tiere“ I fell in love with her corky character and adopted her on her birthday on Valentine’s Day in 2018.

The eight is my
lucky number
Because …

… in China eight is homonym for prosperity, on its side eight is the mathematical symbol for infinity,
I am a pisces woman and my ruler planet is the eighth planet in the solar system, March 8th, is the International Women’s Day, etc. …